Intex 48in X 48in X 12in Mini Frame Pool For 2years +

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Intex 48in X 48in X 12in Mini Frame Pool for 2years +

Have fun splashing and playing in the Intex Mini Frame Pool. This fun beginner frame pool includes foam padded horizontal beams for comfort and a drain plug for easy draining.

  • Approximate size: 48in x 48in x 12in
  • Includes: Foam padded horizontal beams for comfort. Drain plug. Repair patch. Color: Blue
  • Water capacity: 79%, 90 gal
  • Ready for water in 10 minutes
  • Age grade 2+ years

Winterizing your Above Ground PoolYour pool can be easily emptied and stored in a safe place during the winter. However, many people choose to leave their pool up year round. In areas where freezing temperatures occur, there is risk of ice damage. It is recommended to drain, disassemble and store the pool in a safe place when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. See “How To Drain Your Pool” section.
Clean pool water thoroughly (If Easy Set Pool make sure the top ring is properly inflated).
Remove the skimmer (if applicable) or any accessories attached to the threaded strainer connector. Replace strainer grid if necessary. Be sure all accessories parts are clean and completely dry before storage.

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